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We have started to receive claims from sub-contractors on one of our projects. What can you do for me?

We can attend the site if necessary and review your sub-contractor’s claims, advise as to their validity and defend them for you.

We need some bespoke terms and conditions to suit the business. Do you offer this service?

Yes, we have drafted bespoke terms and conditions for a number of specialist trades.

The contractor (or sub-contractor) is not performing / making unfounded claims. Can you help?

There are a number of possible remedies, contact our office to arrange an initial meeting.

The business has grown quickly over recent months, we’re struggling to manage and control the projects and can’t get suitable staff to help. What can you do for me?

We can provide full or part time staff, long or short term, to help you to regain control. We can also advise on suitable systems to cope with your expansion.

What size projects can quantum deal with?

Any size project, from small works of a few thousand pounds to major developments and infrastructure works. Quantum has carried out work on major projects. Size doesn’t matter.

How much do you charge?

We employ staff with a wide degree of skills and experience and undertake a huge range of construction consultancy work. Our fees are highly competitive at every level of service that we provide.

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